OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3

Fecal Immunochemical Test

Sample collection device for OC-SENSOR series

OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3

Ease, Accuracy and Hygiene – All in one compact body. OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3 has unique characteristics, which provides accurate stool collection. Approximately 100 million tests are performed per year through more than 45 countries.

Featured Publications

Santare D, Kojalo I, Huttunen T, et al. Improving uptake of screening for colorectal cancer: a study on invitation strategies and different test kit use. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2015;27(5):536–543.  PubMed >

Zubero  MB, Arana-Arri  E, Pijoan  JI,  et al.  Population-based colorectal cancer screening: comparison of two fecal occult blood test.  Front Pharmacol. 2014;4:175.  PubMed >

Symonds EL, Cole SR, Bastin D, et al. Effect of sample storage temperature and buffer formulation on faecal immunochemical test haemoglobin measurements. Journal of Medical Screening. 2017;24(4), 176–181.  PubMed >

Ease, Accuracy and Hygiene – All in one compact body

Sample buffer – Our technology-intensive buffer stabilizes the sample for an extended period.

Green hollow cap and prove groove – Patients can take required amounts of fecal sample easily and precisely.


How to Collect Fecal Sample

Additional Choices for Screening Program of Colorectal Cancer

Collection Paper - When patients take fecal sample, water flushable Collection Paper helps take sample easily.

Special Envelope - In case mailing system is introduced to screening program, we can offer Special Envelope integrating absorbent pad to avoid leakage of sample and buffer.

*Please contact us for more information.


Squeeze-up system of OC-SENSOR analyzers

The filtered sample goes into the sample cup part when squeezed by the instrument, then sampled into the reaction cuvette. Only filtered sample solution is dispensed for analysis.

*OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3 is analyzed with OC-SENSOR PLEDIA or OC-SENSOR io


  • - Reduce carry-over
  • - Minimize analyzer maintenance
  • - Help achieve high reproducibility
  • - No need to open the device caps or pour sample into cups


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OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3

100 bottles

1-30 ℃


OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3 without barcode

100 bottles

1-30 ℃

  *Certification: CE marked


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