Packages for Mailed FIT

Patient-Friendly Sampling Kit Packages Suitable for Mailed FIT Screening Program

Distribution and receipt of FOBT kits using local postal services can be an effective means of reaching the designated population.

With a proven track record and extensive experiences of being used in colorectal cancer screening programs across the world, Eiken can provide you with seamless solutions for sampling instructions, sample return, reception and reporting results for mailed FIT. Please contact your local sales representative to design a customized solution for your specific needs.

OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3

OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3 has functions to minimise errors when used by any patients and suitable for mailing.

  • Features:
  • ● Flat Surface facilitates filling in patient information on labels.
  • ● Thin, Flat Shape flexibly adapts to various regional mailing systems.
  • Hollow Cap can be easily opened and closed by the elderly with a simple click and screwless operation.
  • ● Dual Aluminium Seals not only prevent leakage during transport but also prevent accidental leakage due to improper patients handling.
  • ● Long-Term Stability is achieved with an enhanced 2.0ml buffer ensures.
  • ● Storage Condition is 1-30°C, leading to simple stock management.

How to collect stool samples

Collection Sheet

How to use Hook-Type Stool Collection Sheet

  • Watch the video to see how to use Hook-Type Stool Collection Sheet. 

Special Envelope

Integrated absorbent pad prevents leakage of specimens and buffer solution.

● Available for both 1- and 2-day sampling methods.

Products List

Code Product  
V-PZ25 OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3 100bottles
V-PZ26 OC-Auto Sampling Bottle 3 without barcode 100bottles
830001 OC Transport Bag 100bags
E-PB11 Collection Paper <Hook Type> 2500sheets
V-3003 Collection Paper <Laying Type> 2500sheets
V-3005 Collection Paper 2500sheets
V-3007 Collection Paper 2500sheets
V-3008 Collection Paper 2500sheets
V-3006 Special Envelope for 1-day sampling 2500bags
V-3002 Special Envelope for 2-day sampling 2500bags

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