EIKEN’s Technologies

Eiken Chemical was the first in Japan to develop powdered agar for the detection of bacteria, “SS agar medium,” and ever since then, we have contributed to the spread and advancement of epidemic prevention and public health in Japan. In addition to bacterial detection, we are also involved with technology and product development for a wide range of other diagnostic fields such as immunological and genetic testing, working day by day to contribute to public health as a comprehensive diagnostics manufacturer.

Genetic Testing

LAMP(Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification)

Leveraging the simplicity, speed, and precision distinctive to the LAMP system, we are expanding genetic detection testing to a wide range of fields such as medicine, foodstuffs, environmental applications, farming and livestock, and plants.

For 6 regions of target genes, through the use of 4 types of primers and the DNA amplification reaction triggered by strand-displacement DNA polymerase, high-sensitivity, rapid gene detection can be achieved at a fixed temperature.

LAMP(Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification)

Immunological Testing

Latex Reagents

The formulation technology of latex reagents is used for a variety of products such as our fecal immunochemical test reagents and various automated chemistry analyzers’ reagents which are a major part of our sales.

When latex particles bound to antibodies and specimens containing antigens are mixed, an agglutination reaction triggered by the antibody-antigen reaction occurs. Antigens can be detected rapidly by measuring the photochemical change (turbidity) of the mixture.

BLEIA(Bioluminescent Enzyme Immunoassay)

Using bioluminescent enzyme immunoassays (BLEIA), we can provide test with high sensitivity comparable to genetic test with the rapid, simple, and low-running cost characteristics of immunological methods.

This is an ultra-high sensitivity immunological measurement method with firefly bioluminescence as its base principle. The antigens captured by antibodies on a magnetic particle are detected using the bioluminescence of a luciferase-labeled antibody.

BLEIA(Bioluminescent Enzyme Immunoassay)


In the immunochromatography technology field, our “Immunocatch” rapid testing reagent series is used to detect pathogens such as pneumococcus and norovirus.

The colloidal gold particles bound to the antibody react to antigens in the specimen and are transported by the capillary phenomenon. When captured by the antibodies on the test line, a colloidal gold color reaction occurs.


Dry Chemistry

Urine Testing Strips

Our “Uropaper” urine testing strips are widely used for kidney diseases and diabetes screening at hospitals and health facilities.


Culture Media, Drug Sensitivity tests

Culture media testing is the gold standard for microbiological tests, and it uses cultivation of microorganisms to identify the cause of illnesses. Our drug sensitivity testing reagents are compatible with a variety of different bacteria and antimicrobial drugs and are used to promote more appropriate antimicrobial treatment, contributing to AMR* measures.

*AMR: Antimicrobial resistance