Integrated Report

EIKEN CHEMICAL Integrated Report 2023 (FY ended Mar. 31, 2023)

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Section 01

Value Creation Story   2.8MB


At a Glance

Putting Management Philosophy into Practice

Table of Contents/Editorial Policy, Etc.

Management Philosophy/EIKEN WAY

Value Provided to Stakeholders

Message from CEO

Eiken Chemical’s Value Creation Process

Management Resources (Capital)

Section 02

Our Strategy   3.8MB

Long-Term Vision & Medium-Term Management Plan


Business Environment and Strategy

Interview with Director

Medium-Term Management Plan Key Field ① Cancer

Medium-Term Management Plan Key Field ② Infectious Diseases

Medium-Term Management Plan Key Field ③ Healthcare

Growth Strategy 1: Global Strategy

Growth Strategy 2: Research & Development

Growth Strategy 3: IT/Digital Strategy

Pursuit of Quality

Growth Strategy 4: Business Activities in Harmony with the Global Environment

Growth Strategy 5: Human Capital Strategy

Value Chain Management

Growth Strategy 6: Financial Strategy

Section 03

Corporate Governance   0.8MB

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

Approach to Composition of Board of Directors/Diversity of Skills

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Board of Directors

Executive Remuneration

Compliance/Risk Management

Executives (Directors, Executive Officers)

Message from Outside Director

Section 04

Our Profile   1.6MB

Eiken Chemical’s Businesses

Main Products and Services

Financial Highlights

Non-Financial Highlights

External Evaluation/Stock Information, Etc.