Fully automated faecal test analyser


OC-SENSOR Ceres is the faecal test analyser with simple to use and compact design for faecal immunochemical test and faecal calprotectin test. OC-SENSOR Ceres encompasses all the technological advances with comparable analytical performance to the high-end model.

Increasing Demand for Faecal Testing of Serious Bowel Disease

Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) and Faecal Calprotectin (FCa) are non-invasive tests that aid in the detection of serious bowel disease in symptomatic patients.

Due to the limited endoscopic resources and access to healthcare systems, FIT and FCa have become valuable markers for informed decision making in the clinical pathway. This enables patients at highest risk to be identified swiftly and reduce the number of unnecessary colonoscopies.

OC-SENSOR Ceres Enhances Clinical Pathways in Outpatient Settings
for streamlined detection of patients with serious bowel disease

By patients bringing samples collected at home, faecal testing within an outpatient setting allows a decision to be made for referral or further investigation following a single consultation by General Practitioner (GP).

Simplified Operation

Operation is simple: just load the samples and press the start button.
Healthcare professionals can easily perform quantitative faecal test, even if they are not familiar with analyser operation. 

Simple to Use Design

The simplicity known from the previous compact model of OC-SENSOR stays with OC-SENSOR Ceres. The new OC-SENSOR Ceres has an improved operation screen design and highly sensitive touch sensor, making it simpler and easier to use.

High-End Performance in a Compact Body

OC-SENSOR Ceres achieves the analytical performance comparable to the high-end model, OC-SENSOR PLEDIA, in a local laboratory environment. 
*Examples of measurement with FIT are shown below. Measurements and calculations were performed based on Clinical Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI) guidelines.

Long-Term On-Board Stability

OC SENSOR Ceres has introduced a build-in refrigerator. There is no need to store back the reagents in a refrigerator after use. Reagents are stable for 4 weeks on-board, which is a sustainable option for those laboratories with a small number of samples.

Prozone Recognition

If the ΔAbs of the photometric point in the initial reaction phase is above the lower limit of the PRC and the measured value is below the upper limit of measurement, the sample is recognized as within the prozone (PRC region). Prozone of highly concentrated sample is checked through the Primary Rate Check (PRC) method.

Options to Ensure the Reliability of Test Results

OC-SENSOR Ceres is equipped with functions comparable to high-end models. In addition to test order and results output via LIMS bidirectional connection, QC results can be displayed in X-R control chart. Managing reagent lots and expiration dates by barcode makes it easier to conform to ISO 15189 standards.

Digital Connectivity with DATA Management

OC-SENSOR Ceres supports bi-directional interface for real-time data reporting to Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

OC-SENSOR Ceres Specifications


Latex agglutination immunoturbidity

Test items

Faecal Immunochemical Test, Faecal Calprotectin


Up to 90 tests / hour

Sample run capacity

10 samples x 2 racks, Continuous loading

First result

FIT: 8 min, FCa: 10min, FIT and FCa: 11min


W 360 mm x D 625 mm x H 545 mm

Featured Publications

Miki I, Maki H, Ikuhiro M, Yoh H. Evaluation of the analytical performance of the new compact, tabletop, discrete-type automated clinical chemistry analyser "OC-SENSOR Ceres" for fecal occult blood testing. The Journal of Clinical Laboratory Instruments and Reagents. 2021; 44(3):258-264.  “We evaluated the analytical performance of OC-SENSOR Ceres in fecal occult blood quantification and obtained overall good results."

To learn more about OC-SENSOR reagents performance, please refer to our publication list.

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