Fecal immunochemical test

What is FIT?

Fecal immunochemical test (abbreviated as FIT or iFOBT) is used for colorectal cancer screening by detecting human hemoglobin on the surface of stool.  …

How FIT is performed in colorectal cancer screening?

30+ years, 45+ countries

Eiken Chemical launched sales of fully automated quantitative FIT analyzer in 1989. Since then, we have been developing our product “OC-SENSOR” for 30 years worldwide. It is now used in more than 45 countries. We have accumulated many experiences of participating in FIT programs, from national screening  to testing at local clinics.

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Featured publications

National Guidelines

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Screening for Colorectal Cancer: US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement. JAMA. 2016;315(23):2564–2575.    PubMed >
Halloran S, Launoy G, Zappa M. European Commission. European guidelines for quality assurance in colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis. First edition – Faecal Occult Blood Testing. Endoscopy 2012; 44:SE65–SE87.   PubMed >     Publicaions Office of EU >

OC-Sensor study

Young GP, Symonds EL, Allison JE, et al. Advances in Fecal Occult Blood Tests: The FIT Revolution. Dig Dis Sci (2015) 60:609–622.   PubMed >

Allison JE, Fraser CG, Halloran SP, Young GP. Population screening for colorectal cancer means getting FIT: the past, present, and future of colorectal cancer screening using the fecal immunochemical test for hemoglobin (FIT). Gut Liver. 2014;8(2):117–130.   PubMed >

van Rossum LG, van Rijn AF, Laheij RJ, et al. Cutoff value determines the performance of a semi-quantitative immunochemical faecal occult blood test in a colorectal cancer screening programme. Br J Cancer. 2009;101(8):1274-81.   PubMed >

Choose an analyser that meets your demand

We have 3 choices for your capacity of laboratory.

Laboratory scaleQuantitative methodQualitative method
Large laboratory

Large laboratory



Fully automated analyzer for detecting hemoglobin. The throughput is 320 tests/hour.

Small laboratory

Small laboratory



Compact size and fully automated analyzer for detecting hemoglobin on stool with quantitative results. The throughput is 88 tests/hour.

OC-Light™  S

OC-Light™ S

Manual test strip for fecal immunochemical test with qualitative results.


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