Intellectual property

Intellectual property policy

The Company has set out its intellectual property policy as follows, based on which it will strive to achieve sustainable growth and contribute to society.

1Protecting and utilizing intellectual property rights

By implementing appropriate protection of its own intellectual property rights, the Company seeks to grow the business and contribute to society. Intellectual property rights acquired by the Company are used to the fullest possible extent in its business activities in order to maintain and enhance its competitive advantages.

2Continuous management and renewal of intellectual property rights

By continuously managing and renewing the intellectual property rights it has acquired to maximize their value, the Company works to increase the value of the business. The Company will also implement timely reviews of its intellectual property rights in response to changes in technologies and markets, and consider the optimal policy for their protection.

3Appropriate acquisition of intellectual property rights

Through the appropriate acquisition of intellectual property rights necessary for its business, the Company seeks the stable expansion of its business activities. In addition, so as to ensure that the intellectual property rights it acquires do not infringe the rights of others, it undertakes full legal investigations and conducts appropriate procedures in relation to such acquisitions.

4Sharing and collaboration with regard to intellectual property rights

The Company builds cooperative relationships with other companies, and engages in technology development based on sharing and collaboration with regard to intellectual property rights. It also complies with laws, regulations, and treaties both in Japan and overseas, and contributes to the development of society by conducting fair and transparent transactions.

Initiatives for the creation of intellectual property

In order to invent things with value to society, the Company is implementing the following initiatives.

1Intellectual property education

The Company implements intellectual property training for employees in the Research & Development Division. Regular liaison meetings are also held between the Intellectual Property Division and the Research & Development Division to share information on patents inside and outside the Company.

2Bonus system, support for acquiring qualifications

The Company has established a bonus system for employees who create intellectual property. A system has also been put in place for subsidizing those wishing to acquire qualifications, such as patent attorney, or certified specialist of intellectual property management.

Information on patents held(as of March 2023)

The Company has applied for a total of 836 patents. Applications have been made in more than 30 regions, including Japan, North America, and Europe.