R&D Structure

Fusion of Knowledge

Eiken Chemical’s R&D consists of a Fundamental Research Division, Product Development Division, and Materials Development Division, along with the staff division which supports them. With fusion of knowledge as our keyword, each of these divisions cooperates with industry, government, and academia, and actively send personnel for a collaborative study

Fusion of Knowledge

R&D Facilities

Each of our two research and development bases, the Nasu Division and Nogi Division, has its own research laboratory. In the future, we intend to combine these into a single laboratory facility to improve efficiency (including through the fusion of knowledge).

Nogi Division

Research Laboratories
143 Nogi, Nogi-Machi, Shimotsuga-Gun, Tochigi
329-0114, JAPAN

Nasu Division

Research Division
1381-3 Shimoishigami, Otawara, Tochigi
324-0036, JAPAN