CEO Message

Today the world is moving decisively toward the achievement of a sustainable society. The impetus for this determination derives from increasingly urgent demands for companies to provide solutions to global issues through their business activities, driven by guides such as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals “SDGs” and the Paris Agreement, as well as increasing adoption of environment, sustainability and governance “ESG” investing on financial markets. At the same time, the global COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of life, health and hygiene as never before. While the pandemic has accelerated the advance of medical technology worldwide, it has also brought to the fore new social issues, such as widening disparity in access to medical services.


At the Eiken Group, we believe that our business activities, founded on the EIKEN WAY, are a powerful contributor to the achievement of a sustainable society. Comprising the Group’s management philosophy, management vision and motto, the EIKEN WAY calls on the Group to protect the health of the world’s people through healthcare. To further strengthen our efforts on ESG with respect to social issues that may emerge over the medium-to-long term, we have now articulated this conviction in the form of a sustainability policy. To translate this policy into tangible action we are spelling out specific measures and targets for the Group’s key issues “materialities” and accelerating our efforts Group-wide to implement them. We are confident that this course of action will contribute solutions to social problems while spurring the growth of the Eiken Group.


Now and in the future, the Eiken Group is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility to protect the health of people around the world. We will resolutely confront the wide variety of issues society expects us to address, including preservation of the Earth’s environment and defending human rights, thereby meeting the expectations of shareholders.


In these endeavors we ask for your continued support and encouragement.


April, 2022

President & CEO