Financial Highlights -consolidated-

Composition Ratio of Sales

March 31, 2024


Microbiological Reagents

Reagents that are effective for diagnosis and treatment of microorganism infection, such as mediums, antimicrobial susceptibily tests and rapid test reagents.


Urinalysis Test Strips

Urine analysis test strips for testing various items such as occult blood, protein and glucose.


Fecal Immunochemical Tests Reagents

Our major products are reagents and sampling bottles for fecal immunochemical tests for screening of colon cancer.


Immunological and Serological Reagents

Reagents to diagnose and measure infectious disease, rheumatism, inflammation, atrophic gastritis, and prostate specific antigens.


Clinical Chemistry Test Reagents

Reagents for clinical chemistry tests that assist to measure and analyze biological components in blood serum and urine, with a focus on the test items that are related to lifestyle related diseases.


Equipment/ Culture Mediums Related to Food and Environment

Reagents for microbiological tests on food to detect food poisoning bacteria as well as reagents for environmental microbiological tests and equipment and devices to measure contamination of work environments.


Molecular genetics (LAMP)

Reagents using the LAMP method, gene amplification technology.


Medical Devices

Various types of automated analyzers. They contract manufacturing specialized equipment that uses their in-house reagent.