Message from the CEO

Please allow me to begin by extending my heartfelt gratitude to all our shareholders for your continued support of EIKEN Group (“the Group”).

In the clinical diagnostics industry, restricted medical expenses are causing continued severity in the business environment, leading various companies to seek further cost competitiveness and proactive overseas expansion in order to survive. Due to factors such as the aging society and diversification of medical care and nursing needs in the medical environment of Japan, the promotion of regional comprehensive care systems is expected to progress. Overseas, developed countries have an increasing need for efficiency to keep medical costs under control, and preventive care is expanding as well. Developing countries are building medical infrastructure in keeping with their increasing populations and economic development. As a result, continuing growth is anticipated in both types of countries.
The outlook remains uncertain, as the spread of the COVID-19 has had an impact on economic activities in Japan and abroad. However, the Group will continue to aim for further growth by contributing to the protection of the health of as many people as possible through its global expansion based on the management philosophy of "Protect the health of the public through health care services".

In order to respond to changes in the business environment and incorporate the perspective of sustainability management, the Group has reviewed its management concept "EIKEN ROAD MAP 2019" and redefined it as "EIKEN ROAD MAP 2030" with the year 2030 as the goal. We have also formulated a medium-term management plan as our growth strategy for the first three years toward "EIKEN ROAD MAP 2030. In this plan, we have set priority measures in accordance with the vision of "EIKEN ROAD MAP 2030" to respond to the accelerating paradigm shift in healthcare. Then, we will promote management focused on human resources as well as strengthening our management foundation to create an environment that encourages employees to feel fulfilled and motivated in their work and creates innovation, aiming for sustainable growth and steady improvement in profitability.

We hope for continuing support and enthusiasm from all of our shareholders.

President & CEO
Tsugunori Notomi