Message form the CEO

Please allow me to begin by extending my heartfelt gratitude to all our shareholders for your continued support of EIKEN Group (“the Group”).

In the clinical diagnostics industry, restricted medical expenses are causing continued severity in the business environment, leading various companies to seek further cost competitiveness and proactive overseas expansion in order to survive. Due to factors such as the aging society and diversification of medical care and nursing needs in the medical environment of Japan, the promotion of regional comprehensive care systems is expected to progress. Overseas, developed countries have an increasing need for efficiency to keep medical costs under control, and preventive care is expanding as well. Developing countries are building medical infrastructure in keeping with their increasing populations and economic development. As a result, continuing growth is anticipated in both types of countries.
In the midst of these circumstances, the Group has established a new management framework known as “EIKEN ROAD MAP 2019” and a medium-term management plan (for the fiscal years ending March 2020 - March 2022).  As we step forward resolutely toward the goal form of the Company for 2028, we will also increase our necessary profits at the same time, giving back to all of our shareholders and investors.  

However, recently, the economy has declined significantly due to the impact of COVID-19 and conditions are now tough. Furthermore, activities in the overseas economy are being suppressed by the global spread of COVID-19, and the overseas economy is experiencing a rapid downturn. Within this business environment, there is the possibility of significant impact on the clinical diagnostics business of the Group. However, at the current time, it is difficult to forecast when COVID-19 will end; consequently, we have decided that the impact on business cannot be rationally calculated. Therefore, we will refrain from announcing a business forecast for the fiscal years ending March of 2020 at the current time. We will immediately disclose a forecast once rational calculation has become possible.
Moreover, we will continually strive to contribute to countermeasures against COVID-19 by developing systems for the stable supply of reagent for detection of COVID-19.

We hope for continuing support and enthusiasm from all of our shareholders.

President & CEO
Morifumi Wada