Respecting Human Rights and Diversity

The Eiken Group respects the basic human rights of everyone with whom it interacts, in every situation, and does not support or enable violations of human rights.

Human Rights Policy

Based on the management philosophy that the Eiken Group “protects the health of the public through health care services,” the Eiken Group has established the “Eiken Group Global Code of Conduct," which indicates the actions that all employees and others should take to contribute to society by providing products and services that protect the health and life of people around the world. We recognize each other's diversity, including race, nationality, creed, gender and values, and treat them with respect and dignity in this Eiken Group Global Code of Conduct in order to respect the fundamental human rights of people in all situations. The Eiken Group understands that the human rights of all people who are affected must be protected in the course of the company’s business activities in Japan and abroad, and strives to fulfill the company’s responsibility to respect human rights.

Basic philosophy regarding human rights

The Eiken Group has formulated the EIKEN WAY as a basis for management. It focuses on a management philosophy, management vision and a motto, and defines the responsibility to stakeholders. As a company that provides products and services related to the health and life of people around the world, the Eiken Group recognizes that stricter and higher business ethics are required in all of its activities, and we support and respect international norms on human rights. This includes the International Bill of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, based on the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of the United Nations.

Scope of application

This policy applies to all employees of the Eiken Group. The Eiken Group also requires all trading partners involved in our products and services to comply with this policy.

Responsibility to respect human rights

The Eiken Group is responsible for respecting human rights by not violating the human rights of people who are affected by its business activities, and by taking appropriate measures to correct any negative impact on human rights in its business activities.

Human rights due diligence

The Eiken Group will establish a human rights due diligence mechanism to identify, prevent and mitigate any negative impact of the Eiken Group on human rights in society.

Information disclosure and communication

The Eiken Group will disclose the progress and results of our efforts to respect human rights on our corporate website and the like, as well as ensure opportunities for communication with stakeholders on the content. We will also consult with them in good faith.

Education and training

The Eiken Group will provide appropriate education and training to ensure that this policy is incorporated into all of our business activities and that it is effectively implemented.


If it becomes clear that Eiken Group's business activities have caused or contributed to a negative impact on human rights, we will seek to remedy any such situation using all appropriate procedures.

Applicable laws and regulations

The Eiken Group will comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region in which it operates business. If there is a conflict between internationally recognized human rights and national laws and regulations, we will seek ways to ensure the utmost respect for international norms on human rights.

Definition of terms

“Employees and others" refers to all people who work at the Eiken Group, including executives, full-time employees, seconded employees, dispatched employees, part-time employees, and others.

Formulated: April 1, 2022
President and CEO
Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd.

Promotion of Human Rights Policy

Framework for Advancement

In accordance with the Eiken Group Global Code of Conduct and the Group’s compliance programs, the Eiken Group provides education and training on human rights and, to improve its framework for advancement of human rights, monitors performance through fact-finding surveys and consultation contact points. The Group also asks the partner companies that make up its supply chains to understand the Group’s human-rights policy. Each individual works hard to fulfill the Group’s social responsibilities.

The Global Code of Conduct is disseminated to all Eiken Group employees and is posted on the Group intranet. Regular tests of understanding of its content are conducted to promote familiarity with the Code.

Human-Rights Risk Assessments

The Eiken Group constructs a framework for due diligence on human rights. Through human-rights risk assessments, the Group identifies negative impacts on society in terms of human rights (including forced labor, child labor, violations of the rights of foreign workers, wage discrimination, harassment, freedom of assembly and the right to collective bargaining) and stops, prevents and reduces those negative impacts.

(1) Company-internal activities
Every three years, Eiken Chemical provides education and training on respect for human rights to all executives and employees and carries out risk assessment on human rights by conducting a questionnaire-based fact-finding survey. The uptake rate on education and training in FY2022 was 100%. The results of the questionnaire-based fact-finding survey were published in-house, along analyses and proposed responses, and a clear determination was shown to conduct continuous efforts on the issues extracted from the survey results.

(2) Supply chains
As part of its supply-chain management, once every three years Eiken Chemical conducts a human-rights risk assessment of important suppliers and business partners, selected on the basis of turnover. In FY2022, the response rate of suppliers and business partners with whom the survey was conducted was 100%. Suppliers and business partners who were judged, as a result of risk analysis, not to have taken sufficient action on materialities identified by Eiken Chemical were asked in writing to effect improvements by the time of the next survey.

Corrective Measures

Internally, Eiken Chemical strives to improve effectiveness through continuous education and training on human rights. Eiken Chemical also seeks to improve its performance by conducting fact-finding surveys using questionnaires and monitoring by means of contact points for consultation.

Eiken Chemical expects that, by conducting improvement activities in light of the results of self-assessment of human-rights risk, its suppliers and business partners will think carefully about their impact on society and the environment and will take steps to alleviate risk. Suppliers and business partners who were judged not to have taken sufficient action on materialities identified by Eiken Chemical were asked in writing to effect improvements by the time of the next survey.

Access to Relief

Eiken Chemical strives to secure relief by establishing contact points for consultation and for whistleblower reports and by conducting surveys regarding the content of consultations and whistleblowing. If, as a result of such surveys, corrective action is found to be necessary, Eiken Chemical promptly takes such corrective action.

Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment

Prevention of Harassment

To advance supportive workplace environments free from harassment, in accordance with the Eiken Group Global Code of Conduct and the Group’s compliance programs, the Eiken Group provides education and training on harassment. The Group also monitors performance through fact-finding surveys and consultation contact points, to prevent harassment and resolve harassment issues early when they arise.

  Results for FY2023 Target for FY2024 Target for FY2030
Rate of uptake of harassment prevention training 100% 100% 100%


Respect for Diversity

Promoting diversity leads to growth, not only for the Company but for society as well. The Eiken Group respects diversity across many dimensions, including gender, nationality, age, experience, customs and ability/disability. We aim to be an enterprise where all personnel can play active roles without regard to differences. The Group fosters an organizational culture that embraces diversity, in which employees and Group companies work together on innovations to build a society that protects everyone’s health.

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion

Supporting Active Roles for Women

At Eiken Chemical, approximately 30% of all employees are female. We have numerous female employees working in management positions. Regardless of job title or gender, we strive to make adjustments as necessary to allow our employees to create a career path that works for them while valuing the important life events of each individual.

Supporting Employment of Foreign Nationals

Eiken Chemical is a global enterprise, many of whose employees play active roles on the world stage, whether or not they have previous global experience. When hiring foreign nationals, Eiken Chemical strictly abides by residence qualifications and other immigration control procedures. After foreign nationals join the Company, Eiken Chemical complies strictly with work regulations and treats said employees appropriately.

Active Roles for Disabled Employees

Eiken Chemical employs disabled persons at a level higher than the legally mandated rate of employment. In December 2018, the Company opened Eiken Farm in Mobara, Chiba Prefecture. The vegetables harvested here are supplied to employee cafeterias. Eiken Farm is just one example of Eiken Chemical’s active commitment to devise new initiatives for employing the disabled.

Supporting Active Roles for Employees Facing Retirement at 60

By introducing a system of continuing employment for employees up to 65 years of age, Eiken Chemical supports active roles for retiring employees with valuable expertise, knowledge and skills. The Company also regularly presents seminars on life planning, helping employees to continue to build wealth in old age.

  Results for FY2023 Target for FY2024 Target for FY2030
Percentage of managerial positions held by women※ 15.4% 20% 30%
Percentage of employees who are disabled 2.8% 2.6% 3.0%


※Women in managerial positions of section-manager level or higher as share of total

In-House Surveys on Respect for Diversity

At Eiken Chemical, we are committed to transcending the boundary lines that divide employees, fostering mutual respect for people of diverse values. The Company conducts online surveys and Company-wide training regarding unconscious bias, which can arise unrecognized as a result of diverse factors such as gender, nationality, age, experience, customs and feelings.