Management Plan

To respond to the unfolding changes in its business environment and operate from a perspective of sustainable management, the Eiken Group has revamped its existing management framework, EIKEN ROAD MAP 2019. The road map is redefined as EIKEN ROAD MAP 2030, with 2030 as the target year for its fulfillment, and clarified the vision of  the Eiken Group in 2030 as “EIKEN Vision 2030”
The slogan for the Group's vision for 2030 is “Beyond the Field: Team × Challenge.” Under this slogan, we aim to achieve three objectives: To energize the skillset of each and every employee so that all employees can broaden their domain of activity; to give rise to fresh possibilities by gathering those individuals with their enhanced capabilities and taking them beyond their respective domains to take on challenges as a team; and to step beyond existing business domains to inspire innovation in medical processes, thereby building the future of testing.

EIKEN Vision 2030

Eiken Chemical has established the management Framework “EIKEN ROAD MAP 2030” for FY2030 and the medium-term management plan which is a three-year plan started in April 2022.

Explanatory materials


EIKEN ROAD MAP 2030 identifies the Group’s existing business domains as its core businesses while specifying three areas as key business fields: Contribution to the prevention and treatment of cancer; Contribution to the eradication and control of infectious diseases; and Provision of products and services that play a valuable role in health management. 

Financial Targets (FY2030)

  Index Target
Growth Net sales JPY 75 billion
Overseas sales as share of total 40% or greater
Profitability Operating income margin 20% or greater
Capital efficiency Return on equity (ROE) 15% or greater

Non-financial Targets

As a Group whose mission is to protect the health of people worldwide, the Eiken Group is addressing issues not only of healthcare but also of the environment, society and governance. For each materiality, the Group sets key performance indicators (KPIs)* and monitors its progress toward achieving them. In addition to tracking its performance on the KPIs, the Eiken Group reflects this performance in its evaluation of executive officers’ performance and in their remuneration.
*Materialities and KPIs

Medium-Term Management Plan FY2022 to FY2024

The current Medium-Term Management Plan is the first such Plan aimed at achieving EIKEN ROAD MAP 2030 and the Group’s growth strategy for the three years to March 31, 2025. This Plan outlines key measures in accordance with the vision of EIKEN ROAD MAP 2030 and responds to the currently accelerating paradigm shift in healthcare. In addition, the Plan aims to advance the - 3 - establishment of a management platform, promote personnel-focused management, enhance employee satisfaction and motivation, furnish an environment that fosters innovation and boost sustainable growth with steady improvement in profitability.

Principal Fields and Key Measures

Establishing a Management Platform for Sustainable Growth

1Human resources strategy

The Group is shifting to a wage system that focuses on job responsibilities and expertise and an evaluation system that brings out teamwork and challenges employees to pursue employee satisfaction and meaningful work.

2Structural reform

Based on a common understanding that our business field is the global market, the Group is optimizing business processes and overhauling its systems with a view to speeding up decision-making.

3IT strategy

The Group is actively introducing AI and robots, advancing DX in products and services and a wide range of business processes.

4Financial strategy

By setting targets for cash conversion cycles, the Group is improving funding efficiency for business investment and diversifying its fundraising.


The Group is strengthening its measures on ESG, with the aim of ensuring sound management that improves long-term corporate value. In addition, the Group is advancing proactive IR and PR with high transparency, for example through the publication of integrated reports.

Financial Targets (FY2024)

  Index Target
Growth Net sales JPY 43.5 billion
Overseas sales as share of total 25.8%
Profitability Operating income margin 14.4%
Capital efficiency Return on equity (ROE) 9.2%