Management Plan

Eiken Chemical has established the management Framework “EIKEN ROAD MAP 2019” for FY2028 and the medium-term management plan which is a three-year plan started in April 2019.


In order to achieve the EIKEN ROAD MAP 2019 grand vision, we will follow 3 fundamental strategies, making efforts to further elevate our corporate value.  In addition, EIKEN ROAD MAP 2019 breaks down this 10-year period into 3 stages, with a specific growth plan set for each stage.

3 Fndamental Strategies and Growth Plan

Medium-Term Management Plan

2019-2021 : Restructuring Period

In order to forge a solid foundation, we will set four priority measures and proactively carry out investment.

Priority Measures

Developing foundations to increase management efficiency
  • Providing high value added services through integration of core systems and IT conversion of quality systems and sales service departments
  • Reforming organizational function and structure in a simple and flat style for the promotion of global expansion
  • Increased efficienc y through strengthening and consolidation of production and distribution centers
Promoting global expansion
  • Promoting the spread of colorectal cancer screening testing and acquiring national screening contracts, achieving market share in developing nations
    Expanding the market for immunological and serological reagents, especially ABC category (for evaluating stomach health)
    Expanding sales in the qualitative urinary testing field through sales cooperation with Sysmex Corporation
    Accelerating expansion of t ests using the LAMP method such as those for tuberculosis and malaria
Maintaining domestic sales and increasing market share
  • Expanding the lineup of manufactured products for steady growth
    Expanding the spread of colorectal cancer testing and ABC category -stomach health evaluation- products and establishing the Company as a digestive organ cancer screening brand
    Expanding sales of the compact fully automated genetic testing system "Simprova"
Improving research and development ability
  • Promoting development of a new panel for the compact fully automated genetic testing system "Simprova"
    Developing new bio markers through open innovation
    Developing new POCT platforms targeted to fields such as primary care

Performance goals

  Regarding future economic prospects in Japan and overseas in the next fiscal year, even tougher conditions are forecasted due to the impact of COVID-19 and it is necessary to exercise caution toward the risk of an even more severe economic downturn. Within this business environment, there is the possibility of significant impact on the clinical diagnostics business of the Group. However, at the current time, it is difficult to forecast when COVID-19 will end; consequently, we have decided that the impact on business cannot be rationally calculated. Therefore, we will refrain from announcing a business forecast for the next fiscal year at the current time. We will immediately disclose a forecast once rational calculation has become possible.