TB LAMP Operation

Innovative Molecular Test “TB LAMP”

TB LAMP is a simple, accurate, robust and affordable manual molecular test to detect Mycobacterium Tuberculosis complex (MTBC) which has been developed for use in high burden and resource limited settings.

TB LAMP Workflow

  1. Sample transfer and lysis: Use the Pipette-60 to collect sputum sample and transfer the sample slowly into the heating tube. Incubate the tube in the HumaLoop T heating unit.
  2. Loopamp™ PURE DNA extraction: Extract DNA directly into the reaction tube by squeezing the adsorbent tube.
  3. Loop-mediated isothermal amplification: Incubate the reaction tube in the reaction unit.
  4. Result reading: Positive results fluoresce green.


Click the image to see detailed workflow in PDF file:  

For Lab Professionals

For the high burden countries with TB, an accurate test with TB LAMP can ensure that world’s TB burden is effectively addressed. TB LAMP offers tangible benefits over sputum smear microscopy.

Accurate: High sensitive molecular test for TB diagnosis.

Simple: All in one platform for extraction and detection

High Throughput: 70 samples/day & max. 14 samples/run

Adaptable: Easy visual reading with the naked eye

- Please check out the case of TB LAMP introduction in Zambia, Cameroon, the Philippines and India. Examples of TB LAMP application >

- If you have any question about using TB products, please refer to FAQ. *This link will direct you to a website of HUMAN Gesellschaft für Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH (our distributor of TB products) .

For Clinicians

TB LAMP detects nearly all smear-positive and half of smear-negative TB cases and has a high specificity when performed in reference laboratories [*1]. TB LAMP offers some tangible benefits over CB-NAAT.

Credible: WHO endorsed TB LAMP as a replacement of smear microscopy

Rapid: First report (max. 14 sample) comes within 1.5 hours

Support: On call and on site support by local distributor

Adaptable: Everybody can read the fluorescent result

For Public Health Professionals

TB-LAMP can be easily adapted at PHC/CHC level. Lack of access to diagnostics is a major hinderance in driving an effective TB program in the world. TB-LAMP can play an effective role in addressing this challenge.

Affordable: TB LAMP can reach to the last mile of global health

Scientific Evidence: Approx. 100 papers are published about LAMP technology. LAMP Publication list >

Scalable: TB LAMP is designed for medical care in remote rural areas  

Cost-effective: Cost of TB-LAMP is $ 6(WHO target price). Announcement from Stop TB Partnership >


  1. Gelaw B, Shiferaw Y, Alemayehu M et al. Comparison of loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay and smear microscopy with culture for the diagnostic accuracy of tuberculosis. BMC Infect Dis. 2017;17(1):79.
  2. World Health Organization, The use of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (TB-LAMP) for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis: policy guidance, 2016.

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