TB LAMP Application Examples

The demand for molecular test in TB diagnosis

Molecular diagnostic tests offer an important, rapid, and under-utilized molecular tool in TB (tuberculosis) diagnosis. These tests detect mycobacteria with high specificity by amplifying target nucleic acid sequences. WHO recommends that a molecular diagnostic test be performed on the first sputum sample of all suspected TB patients regardless of smear results [*1].

Innovative Tool “TB LAMP”

TB LAMP is a manual molecular test to detect Mycobacterium Tuberculosis complex (MTBC).

It takes less than 1.5 hours to perform, requires minimal instrument in the form of a heating block, and generates a fluorescent result that can be detected with the naked eye.

Additionally, it has the potential for higher throughput as it can test up to 14 samples per test run (max. 70 samples per day). TB LAMP which is a simple, accurate, robust and affordable test, has been developed for use in high burden and resource limited settings.


WHO recommendation [*1]

WHO recommends that TB LAMP may be used as a replacement for microscopy for the diagnosis of pulmonary TB in adults with signs and symptoms of TB. TB LAMP may also be considered as a follow-on test to microscopy in adults with signs and symptoms of pulmonary TB, especially when further testing of sputum smear-negative specimens is necessary. Cost effectiveness of TB LAMP is also mentioned in the policy guidance from WHO.

Examples of using TB LAMP

Case of Zambia

“Evaluation and piloting of TB LAMP assay for the diagnosis of PTB in Lusaka” by Eddie Samuneti Solo(BSC, MPH)

Case of Cameroon

“TB-LAMP in Cameroon: Two Years After – Results and Lessons Learned” by DONKENG DONFACK Valerie Flore (PhD). Centre Pasteur du Cameroun, (Mycobacteriology unit, NRL-TB, NTP)

Case of the Philippines

“From Research to Policy to Implementation: The TB-LAMP Experience in The Philippines” by Rosarie Villabito Gabuya, MHSS, RN. Department of Health, Research Institute for  Tropical Medicine, National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory

Case of India

“Harnessing the advantages of TB-LAMP in India’s private healthcare sector” by Dr. Shalabh Malik, MD National Head Microbiology & Molecular Department

“TB -LAMP: New validation study and its importance to find the “missing millions” by Dr. Sunil Sethi, Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh


  1. World Health Organization, The use of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (TB-LAMP) for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis: policy guidance, 2016.

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