World TB Day 2022!

24th of March 2022 is the World TB day.

Eiken Chemical keeps taking actions for realizing the TB Free world.
Here is an example of our actions in Zambia, and you can see it through this educational workbook edited by JATA (Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association)  for sharing specialists’ knowledge  towards the TB free world.
The ZAMBIA TB-LAMP ROLL-OUT PROJECT is funded by “Projects for global growth of medical technologies, systems and services through human resource development in 2021” suported by the National Center for Global Health and Medicine under the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan.

Our global distribution partner, HUMAN Gesellschaft für Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH supplies TB-LAMP to 160 countries (except Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand). Please visit HUMAN Diagnostics website.

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