TDDW2021 & 12th IACCS Joint Webinar on Cancer Screening

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Join TDDW2021 & 12th IACCS Joint Webinar on Cancer Screening on November 13!

Free to register and attend!


The webinar has three sessions:

  • Session 1: Implementation and quality control of CRC screening program
  • Session 2: Outcome evaluation and new development of CRC screening program
  • Session 3: Impact of COVID-19 on cancer screening


You can learn how Taiwan and other Asian countries have committed to colorectal cancer screening.

Use of Eiken’s FIT system in Taiwan

Our products for FIT, OC-Sensor series, has been used for colorectal cancer screening program in Taiwan for a long time. It has been 18 years since the program started in Taiwan, and a study shows FIT screening reduced the incidence of advanced-stage CRC and CRC-related death*.

Eiken Chemical has committed to offer solutions with our products that meet our customers’ needs. We will continue to realize our management philosophy: Protect the health of the public through health care services.

* Chiu HM, et al. Long-term effectiveness of faecal immunochemical test screening for proximal and distal colorectal cancers. Gut 2021;0:1–9.

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