Join virtually! ISACP-ASVCP Workshop on Acute Phase Proteins



  • 2021 ISACP-ASVCP Pre-Meeting Workshop
  •  “Understanding the Crucial Role of Acute Phase Proteins in Veterinary Clinical Pathology”
  • Saturday October 30, 2021, 8:00am – 12:30pm U.S. Central Time (Virtual Live Event)
  • Conjunction with ASVCP/ACVP Meeting

Hidden diseases are difficult to find in animal without clinical signs and symptoms.  Acute phase proteins (APP) are getting attentions as inflammation markers for health assessments, diagnostics and prognostics in many literatures.

For those who are in position like following, this workshop will be a great opportunity to understand APP from basic information to specific applications.


  • -        Veterinarians who wonder potential of APP in routine testing: Is hematology not enough?
  • -        Investigator of APP who want to find further applications to dog, cat, horse, cow, and other species
  • -        Laboratory services who want to achieve a new value with biomarkers – Which APP should be chosen,  which analyzer or method is applicable?
  • -        Professionals who have already used LZ-SAA for horse and/or cat but want to know the enhanced specification of new multispecies assay VET-SAA

In this workshop, you can listen to the world leaders’ case presentation.

Eiken's APP assay

  • Serum Amyloid A (SAA):
  • SAA is one of the APP in blood. In a wide range of species such as horse, cat, dog and cow, SAA is indicated that the concentrations increase up to 10-1000 folds when inflammation occurs*.
  • *Cray C, Zaias J, Altman NH. Acute phase response in animals: a review. Comp Med 2009; 59:517–26.

VET-SAA ‘Eiken’- developed for high sensitivity to multispecies SAA

  • - Multispecies reactivity - The optimal antibodies are chosen to cross-react to multi-species SAA. We confirm the reactivity with horse, cat, dog, cow, and other species.
  • - Latex turbidimetric immunoassay (LTIA) – It is easy to use in routine testing on biochemistry analyzers. Reaction time is around 10 minutes, and the test results rapidly come out. It will increase throughput and support a better lab management.
  • - Multispecies applicability – We confirm the reactivity with horse, cat, dog, cattle, and other species.
  • - Designed to be used on general biochemistry analyzers. Please find analyzer we have experiences here >  Or if you have questions about number of measurements or price, please send inquiry from here >


Please find more information through the folowing link. 

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