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Our Strengths

Covering a Wide Range of Fields as a Comprehensive Producer of Clinical Diagnostic Drugs

Today people are becoming increasingly concerned about their health, including the prevention and early diagnosis of lifestyle diseases. In these times the role of clinical diagnosis is growing steadily in importance. As a world-leading manufacturer of clinical diagnostic drugs, Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. is responding to a full spectrum of clinical-diagnostic needs, to fulfill its duty to protect the health of people everywhere. Through proprietary drug development as well as an effective alliance strategy, Eiken Chemical is pursuing synergies to develop its own strengths, supplement its capabilities and acquire new technologies, to deploy reagents, devices, software and services in a wide gamut of product types and fields.

A Proud Corporate Culture

Since its foundation in 1939, Eiken Chemical has been guided by a corporate philosophy of “Protect the health of the public through health care services.”

Inspired by this philosophy, Eiken Chemical faces each challenge with strong solidarity and drive.

Eiken Chemical has always fostered a corporate culture of free thinking, encouraging its people to propose ideas. That corporate culture has enabled the Company to develop unique technologies and apply them in a distinctive range of products and services.


Product Groups Leveraging Core Technologies

As a pioneer in clinical diagnosis, Eiken Chemical is a repository of unique core technologies and expertise. The Company combines those assets to deliver products and services that cater to a wide range of medical needs.

Microbiological Reagents and DevicesThrough a Robust Network of Expert Researchers

In 1950 Eiken Chemical became the first company in Japan to produce salmonella shigella (SS) agar culture medium, a microbiological reagent, in powder form, and to produce it on an industrial scale. Later, through the collaboration of numerous microbiological researchers in Japan, the Company developed an extensive lineup of culture media, contributing strongly to public hygiene and the control of communicable diseases. Today the Company provides full support for drug susceptibility testing, a process that is indispensable for the correct use of antibacterial agents, through the development of microbiological testing systems.

● Use of the Latex Agglutination Method in Immunological Reagents and Analyzers
In 1967 Eiken Chemical began developing products using the latex agglutination method. Since that time the Company has deployed this technology in a wide range of products. Today Eiken Chemical fecal occult blood diagnostic reagents and equipment, along with reagents for automatic analyzers, contribute greatly to the Company’s sales.

● A Wide Range of Patents in Urine Analysis Test Strips and Analyzers
In 1972 Eiken Chemical became the first company in Japan to sell test strips for urine tests. Later, as it continued to pursue features that aligned with customer needs, Eiken Chemical acquired numerous patents, deploying a lineup of products with distinctive features. In automatic analyzers, the Company used a unique test-paper interpretation technology to deploy a full range of devices, from small automatic analyzers to systems for large-volume, multi-item automatic analysis.

● Molecular Genetics Using the LAMP Method

In 1998 Eiken Chemical developed a proprietary process for gene amplification: the loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) method. We followed this development in 2008 with the creation of the procedure for ultra rapid extraction (PURE) method. Leveraging the advantages of the LAMP method—its ease of use, speed and precision—Eiken Chemical succeeded in applying genetic detection and screening to a wide range of fields where their application had previously proven challenging, such as medicine, foodstuffs, the environment, agriculture, livestock and botany. Many of these applications were developed through licensing arrangements.