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Communication with Stakeholders

We seek to communicate and achieve harmony with all stakeholders.

Customers and Business Partners

We conduct R&D for high-quality products and services which are safe, environmentally friendly and beneficial to society.
In accordance with our Quality Policy, we have acquired ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification. We strive to stably provide products and services which prioritize quality and safety.
When conducting corporate activities, not only do we comply with related laws and regulations, we also form fair and healthy relationships with customers and business partners, and act in accordance with morals and norms.
When dealing with customers and business partners, we comply with related laws, regulations and organizational rules of the EIKEN Group. As appropriate, we proved accurate information regarding products, services and corporate activities.
We comply with the Anti-Monopoly Act and related laws and regulations. In addition to engaging in fair, transparent and free competition, we conduct appropriate transactions.
We faithfully respond to inquiries from customers and business partners.

Shareholders and Investors
When dealing with shareholders and investors, we disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner and strive to increase understanding towards our corporate activities.
We have established an "Investor Relations" section on our homepage and post summaries of business reports and materials from results briefings.

Society and Communities
As a good corporate citizen, we conduct social contribution activities and contribute to a healthy and safe lifestyle for the public.
EIKEN Group has established the "Improvement of a healthy and safe lifestyle for the public" as the activity field for our social contribution. Specifically, we contribute to the growth of medicine and public health through the following activities.
  • Publish the academic journal "Modern Media"
  • Publish the academic journal "es", hold the es Seminar and es School
  • Create and provide academic pamphlets, issue/sell academic reference materials
  • Support to Kurozumi Medical Foundation
  • 3.
    The EIKEN Group cooperates with the following partners and groups in order to contribute to the growth of medicine and public health.
  • NPO Corporation BRAVE CIRCLE
  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Cancer Examination Corporate Action)

  • Response to International Society

    When conducting business activities overseas, in addition to complying with local laws/regulations and international rules such as treaties, we respect local culture/customs and conduct corporate activities based on mutual trust.


    We provide employees with opportunities to be creative and embrace challenges. We cultivate personnel and make full use of their abilities.
    We respect the diversity, character and individualism of employees. We strive to provide equal opportunity without discrimination in hiring or treatment.
    We secure a safe and comfortable working environment, working to prevent occupational injuries and ensure the health of employees.
    We assess work results based on clear assessment standards which have been established in advance and conduct appropriate assessment of personnel.