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EIKEN CHEMICAL manufactures and markets a range of products used in the field of microbiology.

Culture Media

In 1949, EIKEN successfully commercialized the manufacture of the first dehydrated powdered agar in Japan. Since then,
we have been committed to bring out high-quality products for various bacteriological exams.
Pearlcore series
Pearlcore series are granulated media developed for more convenient use. Pearlcore allows quick dissolution and easy measurement while keeping good quality that our dehydrated powdered media have developed.

We own the dedicated plant called DCMP for production of dehydrated culture media. DCMP allows
us high productivity and continuous quality improvement to meet customers' satisfaction.

Major Products

Code No.

Product Name


E-MJ00 Agar`Eiken' Preparation for solid/semisolid medium
E-MD03 TCBS Agar `Eiken' Isolation of cholera vibrios / vibrio para
E-MB31 BCP Plate Count Agar `Eiken' Enumeration of Lactobasilli in dairy products
E-MF21 Potato Dextrose Agar `Eiken' Isolation, preservation and identification of fungi
E-MA32 SIM Medium `Eiken' Differentiation of the intestinal bacteria on the basis of sulfide production, idole formation, motility, and IPA reaction.

Only available in Japanese-package. English product information will be provided for instruction for use.
In addition to the above, we offer various products for wide range of use.
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