Set Environmental policies and Targets

Environment Policy

EIKEN CHEMICAL is comprised of two domains, the enterprise of clinical diagnosis, and the enterprise of food and environmental inspection. As a pioneer of diagnosis, we strive to provide products and services trusted by the customers, at the same time regarding preservation of earth environment as one of the most important problems of company management and actively addressing the environmental issues.

  1. EIKEN CHEMICAL shall strive for reduction of its environmental impact through conservation of resources, energy conservation, reduction of waste and recycling in all of our business activities, starting with the research and development of our products, procurement of raw-materials, production, distribution, sales, use, and ending with disposal.
  2. We shall not only clearly define and strictly observe the laws and regulations, the ordinances, and the local agreements that are related to the environmental issues and apply to our company, but also as required prescribe voluntary standards of our own, and make a further effort for environmental preservation.
  3. EIKEN CHEMICAL shall strive for continuous reduction of the environmental impact by creating and maintaining an environmental management system, establishing the environmental objectives and targets, ensuring that they are achieved, and performing regular revisions.
  4. We shall make an effort to prevent accidents, such as environmental contamination, by evaluation of the impact our activities have on environment, and also conducting continuous risk reduction activities, and in cases, where an environmental problem arises, shall apply appropriate measures so as to minimize the environmental impact.
  5. EIKEN CHEMICAL shall systematically and continuously provide information, conduct training and other educational activities concerning environmental preservation so that all of the employees can engage in their work duties highly conscious of the environmental issues.
  6. We shall make an effort to engage in appropriate communication with the society by disclosing the information regarding the measures aiming at grappling with the environmental problems.

Acquiring of Certification

Operation of environmental management system / ISO14001: 2015 certification

EIKEN constantly conducts corporate activities with consideration for the impact on environmental protection. Based on our Environmental Policy, we have acquired ISO14001 certification and are working to address environmental problems.

Applied Standard ISO14001:2015
Certification Body [Head Office ]
Administration, Sales of Testing Reagent and Diagnostic Equipment
Design and Debelopment of Diagnostic Equipment
[Nogi Plant]
Design, Developments, Production and Delivery of Testing Reagent
[Nasu Plant]
Design, Developments, Production and Delivery of Testing Reagent
Certification Body TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH
Certification No. 12 104 26393 TMS
Valid until 2021-04-16

Environmental Goals

Regarding energy and resource conservation, the Company has established medium- to long-term reduction goals in comparison to a base year (the average of 2007 and 2008 figures) and is promoting activities to achieve these goals. In addition, initiatives for achieving the goal set for provision of environmentally-conscious products are also underway.

Goals Medium-term target (FY2023) and long-term target (FY2028)*1
Energy conservation and global warming prevention Medium-term target Reduction of CO2 emissions by 35% per net sales unit*2
Long-term target Reduction of CO2 emissions by 40% per net sales unit
Conservation of resources, reduction of waste, and recycling Medium-term target Reduction of waste by 60%
Long-term target Reduction of waste by 65%
Provision of environmentally-conscious products*3 Medium-term target Achieve 10% or more of all development products
Long-term target Achieve 20% or more of all development products
  • *1 Base year: Average of values from 2007 and 2008
  • *2 Environmental burden per net sales unit (t-CO2 / hundred million yen)
  • *3 The environmental evaluation standards for development products were established based on evaluations of the environmental impact of existing products, and the Company is developing products to reduce this impact.

Greenhouse gas emissions have been calculated, and goals have been set for their reduction. The Company is currently launching initiatives for SBT goals.

Activity Achievements

Results of energy conservation activities

Results of resource conservation activities

Implementation of Supply Chain Environmental Evaluations

At the Company, an initiative to calculate supply chain greenhouse gas emissions as Scope1, Scope2, or Scope3 is underway. At each step from procurement of raw materials to shipping products, usage, and disposal, the steps with the largest greenhouse gas emission volumes and potential for reduction can be identified. In this way, we can reduce not only our own emissions but also those of raw material suppliers, product buyers, and other parties within the supply chain as a whole. This can also promote the sharing of information with the companies that make up the supply chain, helping to build understanding among these related parties so we can all work together to reduce greenhouse gases.

  • *Scope1: Direct emission from own fuel usage or usage in manufacturing processes of the Company
  • *Scope2: Indirect emissions from usage of electricity or heat purchased by the Company
  • *Scope3: Indirect emissions related to processes other than Scope1 and Scope2 (procurement of raw materials, product shipment, usage, and disposal, employee commuting, business trips, etc.)

Developing Products which are Environmentally Friendly (environmentally-conscious products)

The Company is always carrying out environmentally-conscious initiatives for product development. The polyvinyl chloride used in conventional products has been reduced by planned replacement, and this material is currently no longer used in our products. One specific initiative is the transition of storage requirements from freezing to room temperature for the TB-LAMP tuberculosis detection system which is also used in developing countries. This reduces the energy requirements related to cooling during shipping and also eliminates the need for a refrigerator in testing facilities, making examinations possible without concern for electricity. This also links to reduced plastic requirements for examinations, reducing waste and achieving a more environmentally-conscious product. Through initiatives for detail-oriented design and development of medical devices to meet customer demands, we are working to improve characteristics such as miniaturization, weight reduction, power conservation, short-term processing, and recyclability. Installation of the latest energy conservation equipment and high-performance processing machinery is promoted by setting goal values for each fiscal year.

Implementing Environmental Impact Evaluations for All Existing Products

At the Company, we are setting environmental evaluation standards for development products based on the environmental impact evaluations for existing products. In this way, we are carrying out development of products with reduced environmental impact.

Initiatives for Water Resources

The Company complies with environment laws (Water Pollution Prevention Act, Sewerage Act, etc.), ordinances, and agreements. Drainage water from EIKEN CHEMICAL is measured regularly to confirm compliance with environmental standards such as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended solids (SS). In addition, we confirm that there are no toxic substances or biological materials contained in this drainage. At the Nogi Division, sludge is cleaned off of drainage equipment regularly, and processed water is released into the environment.