Contribution to the Development of Medicine and Public Health

Provision of information

Publication of the academic information magazine "Modern Media"

EIKEN has been publishing the academic information magazine "Modern Media" every month since August 1955. In May 2018, issue 750 was published. This journal provides detailed and easy-to-understand explanations by specialist in a wide range of fields, such as medicine and public health. It is widely read by a wide range of people nationwide, including clinical laboratory departments of hospitals, university medical schools, pharmacy schools, veterinary schools, various research laboratories, and public health related administrative organizations.

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Sales of Books Related to Microbiological Tests

Eiken Chemical sells books related to microbiological tests in clinical and food production settings. We hope these publications will be beneficial for students aiming to become clinical laboratory technicians in the future and for current working clinical laboratory technicians as well, assisting large numbers of people involved with the medical field. In addition, we also sell books incorporating basic knowledge which can be used to assist day-to-day inspections by workers involved with microbial testing of foodstuffs.

Sponsoring Seminars Targeted to Workers Conducting Microbiological Tests of Foodstuff / Hygienic Testing Seminars

Eiken Chemical holds seminars related to essential aspects of testing such as basic knowledge, technology, and cautionary points targeted to workers involved with microbiological tests of foodstuffs. These seminars are divided into levels ranging from basic to intermediate and are designed to assist testing supervisors and workers involved with food hygiene in carrying out their jobs.

Research Grants


EIKEN CHEMICAL supports the activity of KUROZUMI MEDICAL FOUNDATION, which contributes to national health and improvement in welfare through subsidizing research on clinical diagnosis, hygiene tests and related basic medical sciences, as well as awarding research results.

Grants to the Nephrology and Urology in Medical Technology Forum (NUMT)

This forum, which was founded with the goal of establishing effective urine testing (qualitative testing and sediment testing) for the fields of nephrology and urology, is engaged in mutual knowledge and information sharing activities for wide-ranging applications of non-invasive urine testing among doctors, clinical laboratory technicians, and clinical testing researchers. Eiken Chemical approves and supports these activities.

Cancer Screening Awareness Activities

Colorectal cancer eradication campaign

EIKEN support and support the purpose of the non-profit organization Brave Circle Steering Committee to expand the circle of screening for the promotion of understanding and early detection of colorectal cancer. This campaign is calling on the importance of colorectal cancer screening to many people through various activities in cooperation with governments, corporations, health insurance associations and other organizations.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare -Cancer Examination Corporate Action-

Eiken Chemical is participating in “corporate action for cancer screening promotion,” a nationwide program which seeks to increase cancer screening rates, as a promotional partner company. These activities consist of companies taking the initiative to drive cancer screening rates to 50% and above by spreading information about their importance.