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Major Products: EIKEN CHEMICAL, as a general manufacturer of clinical diagnostics, offers a wide range of in vitro diagnostic aids for all fields of medicine.

Microbiological reagents

EIKEN CHEMICAL manufactures and markets a range of products used in the diagnosis and treatment of microbial infections. These include culture media, bacterial identification kits, and reagents for antibiotic susceptibility tests.

Major Products

(registered trademark of EIKEN’s prepared media)

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Dry chemistry reagents

Uropaper III ‘Eiken’, an urinalysis test strip that allows evaluation of 10 compounds/metabolites (including protein, glucose, urobilinogen, and occult blood), is widely used in hospitals and reference laboratories for diagnosis and medical checkups.
Uropaper III ‘Eiken’ is a product designed for use with automated urine analyzers.

Major Products

Uropaper III ‘Eiken’

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Clinical chemistry reagents

EIKEN CHEMICAL provides a broad range of clinical chemistry reagents for various automated clinical analyzers used in the evaluation of liver function and measurement of lipids, whose relationship to lifestyle-related diseases is becoming widely recognized.

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Immunological and serological reagents

EIKEN CHEMICAL developed and supplies the OC-Hemodia ‘Eiken’ to detect fecal occult blood when screening for early identification of colon cancer; Lumispot ‘Eiken’ HCV antigen; reagents for the diagnosis of infectious diseases; and reagents for enzyme immunoassay for hormones and other markers for clinical diagnosis.

Major Products


OC-AUTOIII Latex Reagent OC-AUTOIII Buffer




Sampling bottle

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Automated Clinical Analyzer

EIKEN CHEMICAL has developed and markets a variety of automated clinical analyzers to meet the demand for automation in clinical laboratory testing.

Major Products

Fully automated fecal occult blood analyzer

(with CE marking)

(with CE marking)

Fully automated urine analyzer

(with CE marking)

(with CE marking)


Micro blood collection tool

Centrifugal machine EC-10

Blood collecting set ‘Eiken’

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Industry Products

EIKEN CHEMICAL developed and supplies industrial microbiological reagents for food and environment, and variety of equipments.

Major Products

ES agar

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Molecular genetics (“LAMP”)

In 1998, EIKEN CHEMICAL developed an innovative nucleic acid amplification method, called “LAMP” (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification).

We are strongly committed to in-house R&D projects in such fields as medicine, agriculture, food production and processing, animal husbandry, and environmental protection.

We are also considering potential business alliances, both within Japan and offshore.

Major Products

Reagent test kit Loopamp Avian Flu H5 detection Kit
Loopamp SARS-CoV detection Kit
Loopamp Legionella Screening Kit E
Loopamp Cryptosporidium Detection Kit
Loopamp Giardia Detection Kit
Loopamp Salmonella Screening Kit
Loopamp Verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli Screening Kit
Loopamp Verotoxin Typing Kit
Loopamp Campylobacter Detection Kit
Loopamp L. monocytogenes Kit
Loopamp O-157 Kit
Loopamp Bovine Embryo Sexing Kit
Loopamp RNA Amplification Kit (RT-LAMP)
Loopamp DNA Amplification Kit
RNA Amplification Reagent (for Dried Form )
Loopamp Extraction Reagent for Influenza Virus
Loopamp P450 Typing Kit
Loopamp Norovirus GI / GII Detection Kit
Primer Set for H1 pdm 2009 ( for Dried Form )
Primer Set for FulA ( for Dried Form )
Loopamp West Nile Virus Primer Set
Loopamp Avian Flu H5 Primer Set
Loopamp Avian Flu H7 Primer Set
Loopamp Koi Herpesvirus Primer Set
Loopamp Flavobacterium psychrophilum Primer Set
Loopamp A.acidoterrestris Primer Set
Instruments Loopamp End Point Turbidimeter
Loopamp Real Time Turbidimeter
  • Loopamp: registered trademark of EIKEN’s LAMP-related products