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Social Contribution Activities

Modern Media

A scientific informational magazine covering the issues of clinical diagnosis, Modern Media, has been published every month by EIKEN CHEMICAL for over half a century starting from August, 1955. In our journal, scientists take up important themes of their expertise in diverse areas, such as medical examination of bacterial infectious diseases or food public hygiene, and write although in detail but in an easily to understand manner.
The journal is regularly read by people all over the country working in departments of clinical diagnosis in hospitals, in classes of microbiology and immunology at medical schools at universities, at national, prefectural, municipal and private research institutes specializing in microbiology and immunology, and at government agencies related to public hygiene. (Japanese only)


EIKEN CHEMICAL provides support to Kurozumi Medical Foundation, offering aid to the development of clinical diagnosis and testing of food and environment.
This public utility foundation was established in June, 1993 for the purpose of contributing to national health and improvement in welfare by enriching such "activities, as the support of the investigations and research on clinical diagnosis, testing of food and environment, and rudimentary medicine related to the former two, as well as awarding the research achievements in these areas" and creating a solid base for active contribution to the society.

This foundation presents the following prizes and research grants. "Saburo Kojima Memorial Culture Prize" to the researchers who made academically outstanding achievements in the areas of pathogenic microorganisms, study of infectious diseases, public hygiene, and other areas relevant to the above, and who greatly contributed to the culture of our country. "Saburo Kojima Memorial Technology Prize" to the technical experts who performed excellent improvement to the design of inspection methods or techniques in the area of clinical diagnosis and testing of food and environment, and rendered distinguished services in popularization and development of diagnostic technology. "Hideo Fukumi Prize" is presented to the technical experts who devoted half of their life to the areas of clinical diagnosis and testing of food and environment, persevering in development and improvement of technology, and contributed to guidance and training of the next generation. Moreover, the foundation presents "research grants" to young researchers affiliated with medical and other related educational institutions, research institutes, and medical institutions, conducting examinations and research in the areas of clinical diagnosis or testing of food and environment or of rudimentary medicine related to the former two, whose scientific research is judged to be excellent or the theme of research suggested is seen as important.

BRAVE CIRCLE Campaign against Cancer of the Large Intestine

EIKEN CHEMICAL endorses the aim of the activities conducted by the NPO Corporation BRAVE CIRCLE Committee to promote knowledge regarding cancer of the large intestine and to expand the number of facilities offering medical examination of the same and supports its activities.
Wishing for a decrease in the number of people who pass away due to cancer of the large intestine, the corporation has been steadily expanding its activities to inform as many people as possible among those over 40 who are eligible for medical examination of the cancer of the large intestine regarding the current situation with the disease as well as the importance of undergoing a health screening for cancer of the large intestine.

Sports Activities

As part of public welfare activities, the EIKEN Group supports the independent sports activities of employees.
The Nogi Office Soccer Team was started in 1965 and won the 1st Division of the Furukawa Public League in 1984. It also won the Tochigi Prefecture Corporate Championships in 1989. Currently, the team competes in the 3rd Division of the Tochigi Prefecture Shimotsuga League.
We also support sport teams such as the Head Office Baseball Team and Nogi Office Tennis Team.